Don’t stay on your own

Living with mental health issues is not always easy, especially for adolescents and young children. The lack of understanding or feeling uneasy about one’s mental health can lead young people to isolate themselves or feel alone. With the onset of the pandemic and the introduction of distancing measures, this phenomenon has been exacerbated.

To bring young people out of their isolation, and to rally communities to the cause, the Fondation les petits trésors has set up a campaign to express their support loud and clear and to remind young people and their loved ones that they are never alone.

Let’s help young people feel good in their bodies and minds. Because mental health must be talked about.

 Don’t stay on your own

Photo d'une petite fille souriante et confiante

The balancing bench

The Fondation les petits trésors has developed the balancing bench, a collaborative bench to be used in pairs. This bench serves to provide a safe space for mutual aid, sharing and collaboration for the young people supported by the Foundation. It also allows the community to take part in the efforts in a fun and easily accessible way.

Photo du coin-coin outil pédagogique

The paper coin-coin

To help young people identify, understand and communicate their emotions, the Fondation les petits trésors has created a playful tool. The fortune teller was created in collaboration with psycho-education specialists and provides a playful way for friends or family to play together, in line with the Fondation’s four communication poles: listening, speaking, including and discovering.
At the Fondation, we know that mental health is about support and balance. The best way to make the world more inclusive is to do it together. So that we can make sure that we are there for each other and that no one is left alone.

Find the paper coin-coin in the latest edition of Cool! magazine and Grilled Cheese magazine.

 Mental health: adapted content in a podcast series

The Fondation les petits trésors, in collaboration with La Puce à l’oreille, has developed podcasts to address the topic of mental health with young people. To help young people be more aware of their own mental health and that of others, three series of podcasts have been created especially for young people and adapted to their age group.

Théâtre Parminou

Théâtre Parminou holds a program specially designed for the young public. The theatre presents plays adapted to a younger audience on a variety of issues to raise awareness in an informal setting.

photo d'une représentation au théâtre Parminou
photo d'une représentation au théâtre Parminou
photo d'une représentation au théâtre Parminou

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